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To find out about the Community Midwifery Program please follow this link to their website:  http://www.kemh.health.wa.gov.au/services/community_midwifery_program/index.htm

Featured Class

Whats going on at Bump to Bubs ?

Join us in these drop-in  informal sessions led by our experienced Childbirth Educators. We have invited a number of  guest speakers to come and share their expertise and answer your questions in the relaxed setting of our Success workshop rooms.

Cost: These sessions are free for members, just bring along a little something to share with your peers for morning tea.

As a not for profit organisation your membership enables us to continue to provide this valuable community service   If you are not a member come along and enjoy two free sessions, we are sure you will love it !

Every Friday from 10 am until 12 noon
Bump to Bubs  for pregnant women to parents with babies up to 6 months old
Call 9498 6033 for more information or email [email protected] to register your interest.


  •    I just wanted to share my labour story to anyone who is interested in a home birth On a Tuesday I felt a surge of nesting instinct, I gathered my list, wallet and keys and went shopping for towels, candles and went to get a co sleeper from baby bunting. Whilst in baby bunting I desperately[...]

Featured Book

Featured Book

The Pink Kit

Description: The goal of The Pink Kit is for expectant parents to learn how-to birth better. Learn how-to prepare your pregnant body to let your baby come down, through and out whether in a natural or medical birth including non-laboring caesarean delivery. Learn practical birth and coaching skills that work well in the birth you ‘choose’. Learn how-to use and adjust your Pink Kit skills for the birth you have. The Pink Kit Method is based on our human body therefore both mothers and fathers-to-be can become proficiently skilled in their equal yet different roles. Use in the privacy of your own home starting anytime from 24 weeks of pregnancy……