The Bump WA will cease trading from 3rd June 2018.

Henceforth all enquiries for  equipment hire can to directed to our new Facebook  page


We plan to be running classes in the near future , keep a lookout on the Facebook page



Featured Class

Bump to Bubs

Our LAST session will be Friday 25TH May 2018




  •   We went to bed as usual on Friday night and awoke as I thought I was weeing the bed and then realised I had no control over it and it was in fact my waters breaking. I quickly woke my partner Dylan and he jumped up and grabbed some towels. We were both excited as the anticipation of meetin[...]

Featured Book

Featured Book

The Pink Kit

Description: The goal of The Pink Kit is for expectant parents to learn how-to birth better. Learn how-to prepare your pregnant body to let your baby come down, through and out whether in a natural or medical birth including non-laboring caesarean delivery. Learn practical birth and coaching skills that work well in the birth you ‘choose’. Learn how-to use and adjust your Pink Kit skills for the birth you have. The Pink Kit Method is based on our human body therefore both mothers and fathers-to-be can become proficiently skilled in their equal yet different roles. Use in the privacy of your own home starting anytime from 24 weeks of pregnancy……