Zoe Barron
  • Zoe Barron

  • Zoe is a third year nursing student interested in health promotion, community health and primary health care. She's also a freelance writer and first aid officer with experience wr[...]
Emma Clements
  • Emma Clements

  •   Emma is a local Fremantle mother of a lively young daughter, and is a consumer advocate on the Board.  She comes from a background in teaching and education. Emma conside[...]
Melanie Gregory
  • Melanie Gregory

  • Melanie trained as a National Childbirth Trust Childbirth Educator in the United Kingdom.  She has been facilitating pregnancy classes since the 1990s.  Melanie has a background in[...]
Sarah Nicholls
  • Sarah Nicholls

  • Sarah undertook her midwifery education in the U.K. as a mature student, having raised 3 children of her own. She has worked in all areas of maternity care over the last ten years [...]
Sara Bayes
  • Sara Bayes

  • Chair
  • Sara is a midwife who has worked for many years in all models of maternity care, including as a midwife in private practice supporting women to birth at home. Sara moved into midwi[...]
Ruth McIntosh
  • Ruth McIntosh

  • Ruth trained in the UK as a community midwife, and re-located to Perth, Australia in 2006.  She is Coordinator of Education Services at The Bump WA, overseeing Pregnancy Classes an[...]
Marylou Clark
  • Marylou Clark

  • Marylou has been a midwife for more than thirty years and is trying extremely hard to retire ..however the umbilical cord that tethers her is very strong ! She is our "Friday Midwi[...]
Nancy Peters
  • Nancy Peters

  • Nancy began as our Receptionist in 2007 and became our Bookkeeper in 2011.  She also looks after our wonderful members and volunteers.