Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

For all women and families to have safe, respectful, informed birth and early parenting experiences

Our Mission

To ensure all birthing families are well informed, well prepared and well supported for pregnancy, birth and early parenting

Our Values & Principles

Respect, integrity, client confidentiality, inclusiveness, organisational transparency, compassion

The Objects of TheBumpWA

  1. To provide services and resources to ensure that parents-to-be are well-informed, well-prepared and well-supported for pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
  2. To provide information and support services for women who are suffering with birth-related post-traumatic stress, postnatal depression and/or breastfeeding difficulties.
  3. To facilitate access to a full range of choices in childbirth for Western Australian women, including publicly funded community-based, midwifery services and independent midwifery options, including homebirth.
  4. To model best practice community-based midwifery care, and to be a centre of expertise for childbirth education and midwifery services that promote the normalization of birth and the benefits of breastfeeding.
  5. To raise community awareness about the benefits of keeping birth as natural and normal as possible, whether at home, in hospital or at a birth centre.
  6. To support and promote the right of expectant parents to make informed choices about where and with whom they will birth their children.