Who we are, what we do

Who is TheBumpWA?
We are a not-for-profit organization. We help parents make informed choices about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

What does TheBumpWA do?
We offer a range of pregnancy classes with up-to-date, evidence based information, delivered in an engaging and positive way. We have a significant lending library and provide midwifery advice to pregnant women and their partners, wherever they are having their baby. We also offer support for the early days of parenting; low cost lactation consultation when you are getting breastfeeding established.

What do we advocate for?
We advocate for women being able to make informed maternity care choices, including midwifery led care. Research supports the benefits of continuity of midwifery care for mother and baby. Where a woman requires a number of health professionals to be involved in her care, this care should be provided in a collaborative and consultative manner with a lead maternity carer available to coordinate that care. At all times the woman and her baby should be at the centre of the care and provided with up-to-date evidence to enable her to make informed choices about that care.

What services does TheBumpWA offer?
We offer pregnancy classes which begin with the Early Pregnancy classes are for women and partners in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy. Preparation for Childbirth classes are offered for the second trimester, run over 6 weeks and developed on the National Childbirth Trust model. They include a 2 hour session on breastfeeding. Finally as part of the Preparation for Childbirth series we offer a Dad 2 Dad session facilitated by a male Midwife. At around five weeks before birth we offer a four hour Active Birth Workshop to prepare the woman and her partner to labour actively. VBAC and Positive Caesarean classes are offered, as well as birth pool and other equipment hire services offered on a cost-recovery model.

Post-natally we offer lactation consultations for $50 for women in the community.

What is our history?
TheBumpWA was established in 1996 as Community Midwifery WA (CMWA). We were the governance structure for the Community Midwifery Program (CMP), a homebirth service for women in Perth. Over the years there have been many changes to the organisation. In 2001 the insurance crisis hit and WA Health insured the CMP to ensure its ongoing viability. By 2006 WA Health’s North Metropolitan Public Health and Ambulatory Care partnered with CMWA to deliver the CMP with insurance, employment of Midwives and clinical governance moving under the remit of WA Health. As the CMP midwives are employed by WA Health they are covered by WA Health’s insurance, so the CMP is unaffected by current federal legislation relating to insurance for registered practitioners. In 2013, some 7 years after the CMP devolved to WA Health, we elected to change our name to The Centre for Pregnancy, Childbirth Education and Early Parenting Services Inc, Trading As TheBumpWA. We wanted it to be clear that we are an independent not for profit organisation offering a range of services to women and families in WA.