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  • pregnant and coughing

    Pertussis, also known as “Whooping Cough” is a highly contagious bacterial disease that is easily spread by coughing and sneezing. It commonly causes bouts of severe coughing that can last for months. Pertussis infection can be especially severe in infants under 12 months of age, causing breathing problems, pneumonia and sometimes death.

    WA Health is currently funding pertussis vaccine for all women in their third trimester of pregnancy.

    Pertussis vaccination works in two ways:

    1. It helps to protect the mother by reducing the risk of the mother catching whooping cough and passing it on to her newborn baby. Parents are a common source of whooping cough infection for children under 12 months old.
    2. It helps protect baby. Babies born to mothers who have had a pertussis vaccine in pregnancy have higher levels of antibodies against the disease than babies whose mothers were not vaccinated.

    Find out more on the WA Health website.