Midwifery led birth in Perth – What are my options?

If you are thinking about a low intervention birth in Perth, Western Australia, here are a few options for you to consider that support and facilitate low intervention birth.

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Thinking about a low intervention birth, here are a few options.

  1. Home birth

The option of a homebirth is available in Western Australia either with the Community Midwifery Program (CMP) which is a government run program, or with a Privately Practicing Midwife. The CMP is publicly funded, so if you have a valid Medicare card you will incur no costs. More about CMP >>

During your pregnancy you will see your midwife regularly to check on your progress. These appointments may take place in your home or at a community clinic. When you go into labour, you stay home and are attended by your midwife. In some circumstances it may be necessary to transfer into hospital for additional maternity care. More about Homebirth>>

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  1. Birth Centre

The CMP has 2 birthing rooms attached to Kalamunda Hospital for exclusive use by CMP clients. The Kalamunda Birthing Rooms are Midwifery led. The CMP Midwives run weekly antenatal and postnatal clinics in the Kalamunda space and also hold education sessions, mums and bubs and informative talks in the group room on many issues related to pregnancy birth and beyond.

The Family Birth Centre at King Edward Memorial Hospital is a public service.  The Family Birth Centre is not a labour ward, but rather aims to create a home-like environment for women to labour and birth in.

  1. Domino Birth

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    Choose to birth in hospital with your known Midwife. Image credit – ChameleonsEye – Shutterstock.com

A domino birth on the CMP is where you choose to birth in hospital but with your known midwife. CMP midwives will provide you with care during your pregnancy within the community. Where possible, one of your midwives will then attend hospital with you when you are in labour and care for you in hospital throughout the labour and birth. When you are discharged home from hospital your CMP midwives will continue to care for you for up to 2 weeks postnatal.

  1. Water Birth

A birth pool gives you a deep pool of warm water in which to kneel or squat or lie, and a comfortable edge to hold on to.  Water has been shown to reduce the need for pharmacological pain relief and the incidence of perineal trauma and obstetric interventions.

Whether you can labour and/or birth in water will vary greatly depending on the place you choose to birth. Availability of birth pools and staff will also affect your ability to birth in water. Talk to your Midwife or call TheBumpWA on 9498 6033 to find out which places water birth is currently available.

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Water birth baby 20 seconds old

Water is a wonderful, natural way to manage the intensity of labour. Once you are well established in labour, getting into a birth pool provides instant relief. The warm water soothes, and the buoyancy allows you to move around, which also assists in managing the intensity of labour.

If you are planning a water birth you may need to organise your own birth pool and liner. Pools can be hired from The Bump WA.

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