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Many women who have had a baby are often very keen to have their say on how maternity services are delivered. By becoming a maternity consumer representative you can become a partner in developing women-centred maternity care services. Partnering with consumers to shape health services is now a priority for hospitals and health services as it is a requirement for them to remain accredited.  What this means is that the opportunities for you to get involved are only going to increase.

Being a consumer representative usually means committing to attend regular meetings, and reviewing policies and consumer leaflets, providing feedback to ensure they are women and family centred.  As maternity care is a small part of the gigantic health picture, we have stepped up into this area and aims to ensure that maternity consumer representatives are well connected and well supported to be partners in improving maternity care services.

The Health Consumers’ Council regularly runs Consumer Representative Training and Womens and Newborns Health Network are also a good point of contact if you want to find out about what is happening in the sector and from time to time have opportunities for consumer representatives.