Your Birth Choices


There are lots of options available to you when having a baby. You may find researching your choices to be helpful in making informed decisions about pregnancy, birth and early parenting. TheBumpWA has a collection of resources to guide you.

You may want to consider the following things about your birth:

1.  Where you want to have your baby
2.  Who will look after you
3.  Who will provide emotional and practical support (you might want to think about a student midwife or doula as well as a loved one)

Putting some time and effort into choosing these three elements of your birth can help you to feel more confident during your pregnancy. At TheBumpWA we believe that a great birth comes in many shapes and sizes.  At the heart of a good birth is knowing that you are well informed, well prepared and well supported.

Have a look at our FAQs on Birth Choices, Questions to ask yourself, and explore our list of birth choices in the menu to the right.

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