Family Birth Centre

The Family Birth Centre at King Edward Memorial Hospital is a public service. The Family Birth Centre is not a labour ward, but rather aims to create a home-like environment for women to labour and birth in.

Midwives work in a team of 5 and you meet these team midwives throughout the course of your pregnancy. When you go into labour, you are attended by one of these midwives.

Things to consider

  • You get a team of 5 midwives you meet during your pregnancy – a few of whom may be there for you during your labour and birth, depending on shifts.
  • The Family Birth Centre exists to promote the normality of birth. Independence from a hospital enhances this and reduces the impact of hospital routine on your birth.
  • It offers a “home-like” environment with very quick access to the hospital if transfer is required.
  • Your Family Birth Centre Midwife may be able to follow you to the Labour and Birth Suite.
  • The transfer rate to the hospital for first time mums is about 40%.
  • You go home within 24 hours of birthing.
  • Numbers are limited – you need to book in early to avoid disappointment.